Home town chatter


Had a great time with St Andrews Presbyterian in Townsville, participating in the service, with a significant group staying for a presentation afterwards. Some keen questioning followed, with evident interest in our PNG plans. The Barbers hosted us for lunch, where we caught up with some grey-nomad friends from Wauchope, NSW.

Finally…. had the opportunity to speak to our home church. Around fifty folk from Willows, together with a number of friends from other churches, enjoyed a light lunch before our presentation. Encouraging to receive a number of prayer partner requests on the day, and several expressions of interest in ongoing support.

It has acted as a bit of a springboard to the next four months, which will see us away from our church family for all but two weeks. We’ll update soon with our calendar of church speaking events, as we hit the road on our way to Christmas with family in Toowoomba and northern NSW.

Please be praying for our adjustment to absence from close friends, and leaving behind the structures of support and accountability. 

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