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A trip to Brisbane provided the opportunity to meet with the Queensland Committee of APWM. It was a great encouragement to receive such genuine support, and an unexpected blessing to renew some twenty year old friendships!  Everywhere we go, we keep meeting older folk who have served in PNG, and elsewhere, decades ago – and the passion for mission still burns bright and clear.  [ wish I had thought to grab a photo] I pray that we may have such passion for decades to come.


On the Sunday, we visited our previous church family in Brisbane, and were warmly welcomed.  Had we been more prepared, we would have had photos of the two little girls they remember fondly – now 21 and 19 years old. A return visit has been pencilled in for early 2014, with an opportunity to share our ministry plans at a church dinner. God continues to encourage us on this journey, and we are very thankful.


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