Getting into training…

Over recent months, I (Keith) have focussed on the implementation of a new system for the Aviation section processes involving parts ordering and aircraft maintenance. One essential component of this has been the training of PNG staff, an activity which initially made the new role an attractive prospect.

While much of the training to date has been informal and unscheduled – pointing out efficient methods of carrying out day-to-day tasks – the need arose in January for specific training in some of the financial controls involved in managing our parts inventory.

I initially thought that working through the complex material might be a hard slog for some of the staff more accustomed to routine tasks, but the team all responded positively, accepting the challenge of raising their engagement with the work to a higher level. In a feedback process, they each indicated that further training would be appreciated.

The next few months will involve putting the training into practice, as we work together to further hone their skills, applying them to the overall goals of the team.

Prayer points…

  • Praise that the team is learning to trust each other’s abilities, particularly the newer staff
  • Pray for opportunities later in the year to extend the training to other areas within Aviation and to the wider mission workforce