Getting EQUIPped…


We found the two to three weeks holiday to be a much needed break, even though we managed to add a few thousand kilometres onto the ute. 

We farewelled Elspeth’s family in Toowoomba, and on the Sunday, worshipped with Keith’s parents in Maclean, and shared our PNG plans. We had some great conversations afterward and were assured of everyone’s prayers. Christmas with the Campbell’s provided the anticipated food, stories and laughter, with everyone together for lunch. A dash to Brisbane meant Hannah could join us, and then we delivered her back in time for work on Boxing Day. The trip south provided the opportunity to visit family and friends on the way, before basing ourselves outside of Wangaratta for a week. In a comparably small region, there was such a diversity of scenery – from dry bush, through lush forest, to chilly alpine country. God is an awesome Creator.



But now we are here, at Kangaroo Ground! Our group of fourteen students are diving into Language Learning, Language Awareness, Phonetics, and Anthropology. The learning curve is fairly steep at times, but there is a great amount of support and encouragement from everyone on site. It is a change to be learning from lecturers and texts with a clear mission focus. One reading included a moving passage from Lynette Oates’ Hidden People, an account of Des Oatridge’s translation work among the Binumarian tribe in PNG. After helping in checking John 6:58, a national translator working with Des confronts him;

“Why didn’t you tell my father? You have known all this time that all anyone has to do to have eternal life is to have faith in Jesus. And you let my father die without telling him. Why?”

“But Su’uwa, in those days I didn’t know how to say it to your father. I couldn’t find the words. Only now have you given me words to say it to you.”

We must do all we can to help find the words.

Prayer points

Ask God to continue “to send out workers into His harvest field.”  (Matthew 9:38)

Alan and Faye Canavan (Wycliffe missionaries) begin their journey home to Townsville this week, after a year on furlough. Pray that they will be able to rest and relax along the way, and for safe travel.

Praise God for the time with Keith’s family, particularly that Hannah was able to enjoy it with us.

Pray for all of the Summer School students, that we would develop skills to be useful in service to God. Some are also still determining what form that service may take in the near future.