The ball has started rolling!

MYC 2013We had our first opportunities to speak to Nth Qld churches, and a Christian uni student camp in July. In spite of first-time nerves, the presence of many familiar faces and the overall warm welcome made the task much easier.

We are grateful to the folk of Atherton Presbyterian, and The Good Shepherd Anglican Church in Cairns, for the time to speak during the services. We had several good conversations afterwards, and look forward to building relationships with these congregations and their members.

Speaking to the JCU Christian Union (CU) students at Mid Year Camp (photo attached) was a bit more relaxed, as we have been catering for the camp since 2006 – keeping the hungry hordes satisfied guaranteed us a good reception I’m sure. It was encouraging to have several students comment on the presentation during the remainder of the camp.

We are still coming to terms with our role as ‘misso speakers’. Please pray that we can remain focused on the eventual goal, and patient with God as He builds a partnership team to get us there.

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