Hitting ‘the suburbs’



The remaining weeks of October saw us in the Burdekin area, fellowshipping at Home Hill and Ayr. There is certainly a degree of intimacy in smaller congregations, and the warmth of the welcome was a blessing. Elspeth has been invited back to a meeting with church women – though one of the Home Hill elders suggested he may happen to turn up – in the home of a dear couple who hosted her during a teaching placement in 2007.

As mentioned in the September blog, it is wonderful to pick up friendships from years past, and to enjoy an instant connection. You sense the Spirit at work in those moments, drawing us together into relationship with God. [John 17:20-23]

Further reunions followed, meeting up with Andrew and Simone Richardson, who have joined the team ministering to the church in Cairns. Some of our ‘blog followers’ will remember their time in Townsville in the late nineties… though they now have three sons.

What an amazing church! We walked in as the Bhutanese service was closing, and the English speaking morning service was followed by Cook Islanders, Samoan, and Korean / Japanese services. If ever there was an effective earthly picture of “every nation, tribe, people and language” worshipping in Revelation 7, you’ll find it in Cairns Presbyterian. A number of folk took Partnership cards, and many showed interest in what we had to share.

Now to prepare for ‘the big tour’…

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