Nothing fishy about it…

It has been quite a journey for us with Keith’s health issues, particularly the joint pain in the hands and wrists which has been tentatively diagnosed as rheumatoid arthritis. After a few false starts with medication while still in PNG back in October 2020, Keith experienced complete pain relief from the steroid-based Prednisolone. These ‘little white pills’ worked wonders… but carry some undesirable side effects. And with the advisable time limit of use being just 10 days, it did not provide much of a longer term solution.

Slight difference in the daily dosage requirements…

Enter Omega-3 in the form of fish oil capsules. After a few weeks of popping nine capsules a day, any pain has been reduced to the level of the occasional mild inconvenience. This is a tremendous answer to prayer, as we were concerned about the impact of the pain on Keith’s ability to keep up with the demands of our current round of visiting churches and individual partners in south-east Queensland. With plans to preach on four occasions over the next three weeks, Keith certainly wanted to have a clear head.

Keith will see a Townsville specialist on May 10, after which we hope to establish a manageable solution that will free us up to return to work in PNG. If the fish oil needs to be a long term source of pain relief, then that does not pose a problem. It simply means we may need to make luggage space for around 4,000 capsules…. or 300kg of smoked salmon!

Prayer points

  • Praise God for the pain relief, and at such a low daily cost
  • Pray for a clear outcome from seeing the rheumatologist in May

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