Back in the dirt …

[ Keith ] … A discovery a few days ago gave me quite a shock – realising that our previous blog posting was in October 16, 2021!  Admittedly, we have published two newsletters since that time, but to me, the blog postings have come to represent points on the journey where an event, or an interaction provides some insight into what God is doing either through us or in us.

Is the passing of twenty weeks without a sense of something ‘blog-worthy’ a cause for concern?

How easily the “cares of the world” take hold, as Jesus warned his disciples from the parable of the sower (Mark 4:1-20 ESV). We have celebrated a grandchild and supported her parents; hosted Christmas in Northern NSW; helped our younger daughter relocate to Perth and reunite with her husband; and set about long overdue maintenance on our Townsville house. Hardly “deceitfulness of riches and the desires for other things” (4:19) you might say, as these are all worthy of our energy and effort. But for us, this represents quite a shift from being permanently focused on Kingdom work.

Canavan’s, Campbell’s, Lithgow’s.

These past few weeks have involved serving at our home church in some small ways…. that’s a start. And today we met up with some PNG mission friends, sharing and praying together…. that helps. Next month we intend to be back in south-east Queensland visiting churches and speaking about the next stage of our mission service, with a view to returning to PNG in May…. that will be getting our hands dirty at last.

Until we return to working alongside our colleagues, advancing Bible translation, we will always feel like something isn’t quite as it should be. We are meant to be the healthy plants, firmly rooted, producing a harvest for the Sower, and it is clear to us that our “good soil” lies in the highlands of PNG.

Prayer points

Please be praying for us to maintain our focus, to be eager for Kingdom ministry in PNG and yet open to what God is doing in our lives, here and now, taking every opportunity to glorify Him.

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