A team effort…

The Malei Old Testament translation team were regular visitors to our Lae centre during our time as managers, and we are excited to share a particular milestone for them. After drafting and initial village checking of Jonah, Ruth and Psalms 1 to 72, an independent consultant check was conducted in Lae during May this year. This one differed to past consultant checks in that it was supervised and led completely by Papua New Guineans.

Malei translator Elisa Kipuctong facilitated the consultant checking by Duncan Kasokason from PNG Bible Translation Association (BTA). It is exciting to have Papua New Guineans applying their skills in such roles.

Not only was the checking process successful from a translation perspective, the translators and language helpers involved spent time discussing the meaning of passages – particularly the Psalms – reflecting on how Scripture should impact their daily lives.

Prayer points

  • Pray for Duncan as he undertakes the heavy workload of consultant checking
  • Praise God for the current progress on the village check of Psalms 73 to 150.
  • Pray that God’s word would continue to impact the Malei people in a powerful way.

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