An open door…

Our travels south have involved a number of ‘firsts’ in many ways. For the first time, we managed to spend some time with the folks at Sarina, and gave a mission talk at a Yeppoon fish ‘n chip shop! We also gave a Friday night mission presentation at Rocky Presbyterian Church, giving many of those attending a first look at our ministry. At present, we are in Gladstone for the first time, sharing with the congregations in the area at services and mission events over the week. Coming up in August, Keith will be giving three talks at the Callide Valley family camp just outside Biloela – another first for us.

Add to these ‘firsts’ the warm welcome received from a number of our long-standing supporters in Mackay, Yeppoon, and Rockhampton, and we are riding high on a wave of encouragement at the moment.

It has always been our intention to not only be blessed by these engagements, but to be a blessing to the communities we are visiting. Keith has had several opportunities to preach, and providing a break for hard-working ministers is a pleasure for us. We often find ourselves in a position to give some encouragement, and several of the places we will be visiting have experienced some setbacks this past year, with the passing of loved saints, the challenges of adapting to COVID restrictions, and other issues which can distract from local ministry.

One of our regular stops, the congregation at Bell, Queensland, has presented an opportunity to establish an on-and-off base there during our south-east Queensland partnership visits. They are currently without a permanent resident minister, and we are able to stay at a church property in Bell and serve the community in any way that we can while in town. It is just one of those many ‘doors’ which the Lord opens before us, and we have always found Him faithful when we trust Him and walk on through!

Prayer points

  • Pray for our church visits, that they be a blessing for everyone involved
  • Praise God for the new connections made, and the boost this provides for our financial and prayer support requirements
  • seek God’s protection over our continuing travels. Next month…. Bell, Chinchilla, Biloela & Kingaroy

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