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In mid-2017, a Wycliffe Australia contact filmed everyone’s favourite mission couple for a promotional video calling for managers to commit to mission roles. We just received word that the finished product is available, and can be viewed either on Vimeo or YouTube .

The message could not be more appropriate to our present situation here in PNG. As part of the regular mid-year exodus, with many families having children graduating from the international school system, fourteen senior department managers and directors are leaving the country. Six of these are ending their term of service in PNG.

Many of these roles have been internally filled – or temporarily filled – though this often leaves a vacuum in some other area as existing mission staff step up into management. We ourselves are leaving a role in Lae we have thoroughly enjoyed over the past five years, for Keith to fill a desperate need in the finance area.

We truly need people with general management experience, that can apply their skills to a range of situations including administration, IT, finance, aviation, construction & maintenance, workplace training, education, and children and youth services.

Please pray….
 for immediate vacancies to be appropriately filled
 that more people may join us to share the load
 that those having a much needed break will be renewed and equipped to continue serving
 for the graduating students from mission families, as they adjust to a future in their ‘home country’, and for those families who will be returning to the mission field after settling a child into education or employment

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