Getting down and dirty …

As we begin to think of our work at Lae Regional Centre in terms of finishing well, one aspect of this is to see that several maintenance projects are brought to a conclusion. This week was all about getting our septic systems in good order, bringing the infrastructure up to an acceptable standard.


WARNING – recommend not reading the following while eating! ]

After cutting access points to one of several septic tanks on site – which happened to have a half-size basketball court laid on top – Peter ‘got down to business’ [groan] and stirred the pot so to speak, mixing in some material to break down the sludge so that the tank could be pumped out later in the week. We’ll spare you a close-up of the foaming contents as the 50 kilograms of caustic soda does its work. It is difficult to say when this was last done, but the 2 metre diameter and 1.5 metre deep pit was filled up to around 30 centimetres from the top!

Simon busied himself digging out root-infested pipework and unearthing a broken pipe here and there, and the whole system has been upgraded with improved inspection points. Keith can now produce drawings locating all of the below-ground services and leave instructions for ongoing maintenance. The initial career experience in civil engineering certainly comes in handy at times.

There are many options for projects to undertake – a deck extension to our workshop and conference building, electrical repair and roof replacement to the main office, upgrading several bathrooms, and replacing a solar hot water system to a staff residence. It will be a challenge to fit all, or perhaps even most of these projects into the four months we have left in Lae.

Please pray

  • That we effectively prioritise tasks over the coming months
  • For ‘finishing well’ in terms of relationships not to be overwhelmed by the many projects
  • That we be content with the end result of our kingdom service in Lae

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