A busy harvest field….

DSCN1919_1600x1067Our Centre guest register took on an interesting look this month, with four mission groups occupying rooms at the one time.

We had our regular Wycliffe translation team from the Huon Gulf Multi-Language Project (pictured – the subject of many a past blog and newsletter); a couple from SIM Australia aiming to connect with local churches to inspire them to train missionaries for overseas service; a team from That They May Know, an independent mission group from the USA that have been functioning in PNG’s Gulf Province since 2005 with a translation and literacy focus as well as operating a Christian school in Port Moresby; and a couple from the Christian Brethren Church returning to PNG after serving here through the 1980’s, aiming to assist CBC churches in training the next generation of leaders.

Papua New Guinea is generally noted as one of the most missionised regions in the world. There are many hundreds of foreign missionaries actively promoting Gospel ministry in PNG, and though there are numerous indigenous churches in every province with millions of worshippers attending services, the work continues.

Why? Because many still struggle to apply God’s word in their daily circumstances. For some, the influence of traditional beliefs and customs are just too strong, but for many, there are the limitations of a poor education and illiteracy. It excites us to see PNG believers involved in translation and literacy work, for we know that God can use these programmes to bring people into the light of His word.

Send out your light and your truth; let them lead me; let them bring me to your holy hill and to your dwelling!      Psalm 43:3 

Please pray …

  • for those serving the Kingdom in PNG, both expatriate and national, that they find strength to continue and model Christ in all that they do.
  • that PNG churches would be committed to proclaiming the truth of the Gospel.


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