Farewell …

… in person not in heart (1 Thess 2:17)

Last month, Elspeth joined 19 others in trekking to Yemli village, south of Lae. The group took 15 hours over three days to make the 3,100 foot climb, travelling on muddy paths and crossing fast flowing streams.

The occasion was a farewell for the youngest child of a mission couple, John and Amy Lindstrom. Samuel is completing Grade 12 this year, and the family will be heading to the US after Graduation in June.

Samuel was born in PNG and spent many months each year until the dedication in December 2010 living in their village home. The family began their work with the Malei translation in 1992, with the New Testament being dedicated in 2010, and John continues to work with the villagers as they proceed with the Old Testament translation project. Past blogs and newsletters have featured this Huon Gulf Cluster Project.


It was an understandably emotional time as John spoke of this being, possibly, their last time to visit Yemli. [Although, Amy indicated a strong desire to return.] Translation work represents a commitment of ten, twenty, or more years, and deep relationships are formed over that time.

…we were ready to share with you not only the gospel of God but also our own selves, beacause you had become very dear to us. 1 Thessalonians 2:8

The model of Paul’s ministry – in both word and life – continues every day in the villages of PNG.


Please pray …

• for the Lindstrom family – particularly Samuel – as they prepare for settling into life back in the US.
• for the ongoing work of translation, and for John to find effective ways to continue guiding the National teams while out of the country.

Photographs by E.Campbell and B.Noble

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