And now for something completely different…

Last year, we met a couple in unexpected circumstances. We were looking for a church that we had dealt with in providing accommodation for a visiting pastor, and got hopelessly lost! Following directions from a helpful local, we eventually arrived as people filed in for worship… then soon realised this was not the church we were seeking. We stayed and enjoyed the fellowship, meeting Edward and Elizabeth afterwards.

Since that ‘chance’ encounter, we have shared a meal with them, discussed the state of society and the church in PNG, and compared notes on our respective adult children. These times have been all too few, as we both tend to lead busy lives.

2Last Saturday, 6 February, we were invited to celebrate with them as Edward dedicated a new office building at his timber yard. Those gathered were family, friends, a number of pastors from the Lae PNG Bible Churches – and two waitskin missionaries! It was an honour to be included. This wasn’t a token event. Edward has staff devotions every Monday morning lead by Pastor James – who commented on the difference of an employer willing to pay their workers to study the bible. There were prayers for Edward and the staff, and all were exhorted to acknowledge God as the source of all blessing.

Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labour in vain.   Psalm 127:1

IMG_20160206_155730And then came the highlight….. Elspeth was asked to cut the ribbon on the entrance to the new building!

The warmth and acceptance we have experienced from so many PNG folk is the lasting impression we expect to have of our time in Lae.

Please pray …

  • thankful for every opportunity to connect with our PNG brothers and sisters
  • that we see the Lord working in all of these unexpected events

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