Living in hope…

A spectacular rainbow appeared late yesterday while a storm was brewing behind the distant mountains. That’s our little house on the right, with the gardens extending to the banana plants in the left foreground

Over recent weeks it appeared that we would be caught up in the dramas surrounding international travel which have impacted so many Australians. Though flights from Port Moresby to Australia are barely a few hours in duration, when we looked for flight options in March as intended, the pricing was around four times what we had come to expect!

In our December newsletter, we asked you to pray for a change in the situation, and that we be consistent in trusting God with all of the details.

Well…. praise God! ( as usual). We managed to secure two tickets from Port Moresby to Brisbane for less than $460.00 in total, rather than the $2,000 we were facing. We still need to spend another $1100 in domestic travel and accommodation just to get to our international flight, but avoiding what was an unexpected $1,500 extra cost is a blessing.

Another praise point is that we have a tenant to rent our little Ukarumpa house while we are on leave. Though we have several good neighbours to keep an eye on things, it is a relief to know that our place won’t be sitting empty while we are away. The rent paid will also mean we aren’t out of pocket for the home ownership costs.

So, we simply wanted to say thank you all for praying, and to enable you to rejoice with us at our God who works all things.

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