The grass withers …


While staying at the Regional Centre in Kokopo, East New Britain, I found a shelf with numerous photos of the region’s translation personnel over the years. I did not recognise most of the group other than a few who are still serving in PNG.

I started to think about all of the people who had been and gone as part of the translation work. I have met so many from all around the world, but of these past faithful servants, it is unlikely that we will ever meet so that they could become more to me than a photo on a wall.

Each of these personnel had relationships with their family, friends and mission supporters that enabled them to serve here in PNG. But with their work completed, they are largely forgotten other than by the colleagues they worked alongside. It is humbling to realise that in years to come, we too may be simply a photo in the Lae Regional Centre photo album.

However, the outcome of the work goes on. These translation staff have left behind a legacy of God’s word in the heart language of the communities in which they worked. Our work in Lae looks beyond our time as managers as we encourage and support the translation and literacy teams.

The grass withers, the flower fades,                                                                                                             but the word of our God will stand forever.   Isaiah 40 v 8

Please pray …

  • That we remain focussed on glorifying God in our work, rather than making a name for ourselves.
  • Giving thanks for the confidence that comes from knowing that the battle belongs to the Lord.


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