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During our two years here in Lae, I have been involved with a women’s Bible study, initially using study guides in English then switching to Tok Pisin to help me with my language learning.

Recently we had an international visitor who encouraged the women to continue meeting together and provided guidance in terms of organisation and future expansion into other study groups. She also arranged for a quantity of Tok Pisin Bibles to be used with similar groups starting in the Finschhafen region west of Lae.

The study groups provide PNG women with the opportunity to share what it means to be a Christian in the context of their culture, and to encourage each other in living out their faith daily.

Three of the Lae group arrived at our office today to collect the Bibles, which will be sold at half price to raise funds for an upcoming mission trip to the Highlands planned for late August.

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Lynne, Gaiye and Roberta collecting the Bibles

Please pray …

  • for the women to continue to grow in their faith and be witnesses to family and friends of God’s grace, love and mercy
  • for the Bible study groups to expand to other regions and be effective in encouraging and training women
  • that the leadership and study skills gained would prove a blessing to the local church communities
  • for those intending to join the mission trip, that travel plans and funding would be arranged in time




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