A different request…

20151107_image (1)Our office had a visit last Saturday from two women requesting to use our guesthouse for a baptism service.

Twenty men and women from a local Nazarene congregation publicly expressed their commitment to God by giving a brief testimony, then joining the Pastors in the swimming pool. It was encouraging that they felt able to approach us, and we were glad to be able to provide a place for them. Alternative places were much further out of town, and the distance to travel would have excluded some of the church family from taking part.

The next day, we joined them for worship and were warmly greeted and thanked again for our help. The visiting Pastor (seen in the pool, wearing a dark blue shirt) spoke of our unity in Christ, regardless of skin colour, region, or background.

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Please pray …

  • for these twenty brothers and sisters, that they continue to follow Christ daily
  • thankful for every opportunity to build relationships with the Christian community in Lae

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