The reality of El Nino…

DSCN4944_800x600The Watut area in our Morobe Region has suffered significant crop losses due to the drought, and the people need to supplement their food supplies. They usually rely on the sale of excess crops to purchase alternative staple foods such as flour and rice, pay for medical treatment, education, etc. The drought has taken away any hope of having saleable produce to cover these expenses.

A translation couple working with the Watut appealed to their supporters in the USA for assistance with food relief. The result was enough to purchase 135 10kg bags of rice.


The ‘shopping trip’ to Lae is more involved than what you may be used to, involving a hike, a canoe down the Watut River, then a PMV (Public Motor Vehicle) bus into town. After securing a good price, we were able to assist them with transporting the load 65km back to their canoe. I was concerned how the canoe would fair carrying almost 2 tonne of cargo and passengers – I needn’t have worried. It is an impressive craft, at over 30 feet long and carved from a single log.

Though our translator friend texted us that the trip back was “hot and long”, it would be exciting to make the journey with them one day.



Please pray …

  • for the many communities struggling through drought-related hardship
  • that PNG government leaders may have wisdom and compassion in addressing issues
  • for discernment for the various translation teams when providing practical assistance

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