“Now we can understand!”

One of the many people that we have come through the Lae Centre is Kim (and Annie) Colich who have been in PNG since 1991 working with the Tami people near Finschhafen, on the South East corner of the Huon peninsula, Morobe Province.

Tami dedicationOn Sunday 31st May 2015 the Gospel of John was dedicated for the Tami people. Kim writes, ‘At the service, the translation committee chairman said, ‘This talk is Jesus. This talk is true talk. This talk is holy talk. This talk is pure talk. This talk is Life. To those who receive and follow these words correctly, God will come and dwell within them and remove darkness from them, and give them light and life. God’s words will help all who believe and hold tightly to them.”’

At the end of their stay, Kim and Annie had sold all of the Audibibles, phone SD memory cards and a small number of Gospels.They recently spent two and a half months in Malasiga Village selling the Audibibles, preparing for the dedication, encouraging and motivating the villagers to continue the work of translation while they are on a year’s furlough in the US beginning July 2015.Untitled

It became very clear that the Scriptures in audio form are what most excite the people…many times, we saw faces light up as an AudiBible was turned on and they (the Villagers) heard John being read in Tami. Over and over the comment was, “Yes! This is real Tami. It is clear. Now we can understand!”

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” John 14 v 6

Kim and Annie want to see the Tami people and community with changed lives because of God’s Word being translated into their own heart language to the glory of God.

Prayer Points

  •  Rejoice witUntitled 3h us that the powerful, life-giving, life-changing Word of God is now in the hands of many Tami people in a language that speaks clearly to their hearts!
  • Pray that the Tami villagers will continue to listen and read John’s Gospel.

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