Village Living…

Angela, a village susa (sister)

It was difficult to settle on just one emotion in the final stages of preparing for Village Living. The excitement of a ‘Survivor PNG’ style experience was combined with mixed feelings towards the reality of what lay ahead. Over the previous seven   weeks, we had times of illness, or days of carrying niggling injuries following bush hikes. We had known the frustrations of cooking familiar meals in very unfamiliar conditions.

Yet we also enjoyed time with our PNG national host family, language teachers, and centre staff, and our ability to relax and build relationships grew along with our Tok Pisin language skills. Four weeks in the village provided much more time for interaction.

Simply managing daily life involved us in teacher-student conversations, as our hosts taught us where to source drinking water (five minute walk away); how to restore blackened pots to gleaming silver (rubbing with a particular leaf); and when not to wash clothes (after heavy rain, with the river running brown and full). Life was not always easy, yet we clearly see God preparing us for the challenges we are likely to face in encouraging the translation project teams, and working through tasks with the Regional Centre’s PNG national staff.

20141114_image“[May God] equip you with everything good for doing his will, and may he work in us what is pleasing to him, through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory forever and ever.” Hebrews 13:21IMGP5687

p.s. Now back at POC, we miss the little pigs snuffling outside our house, letting out the occasional squeal. It was calming to sit, with a cup of coffee, watching them forage for grubs.

Please pray …
• thanking God for His equipping us to serve… all believers, in every possible way
• that the relationships formed in the village would be to His glory, and a blessing to us

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