The roller coaster…

During EQUIP Summer School earlier this year, a lecturer shared a YouTube clip of a young boy riding a roller coaster, as an introduction to both the imminent learning process and the journey we may be undertaking as we seek to serve God.

Rollercoaster_1With six weeks to go until our scheduled departure, it feels like we are at the highest point of a wild ride, with gravity about to kick in! From the moment of stepping on board in December 2012, we have been conscious of the fact that it is God, not gravity, controlling things. The sense of trusting Him is progressively building along the way. We have been encouraged by those who have been on the ride before us, and their cries of “It’s AWESOME!”

We really do not know what He has in store for us, but we know His character, and have experienced His love and faithfulness. That will do us for now!

The Definition of an Emotional Roller Coaster (The action is from the 45 sec mark, and the punchline at the end)

August 3 commissioning…

Our commissioning will take place at Willows Presbyterian during the August 3, 8:30 am service, but we will be attending all three services as this is our final time worshiping with our church family of the past 19 years. Please pray that we will be effective in maintaining the relationship with folk who have been such a blessing to our family. They truly are our “brothers and sisters” (Matthew 12:48-50) and we love them dearly.

1% interest…1 percent

It is a challenging thing to reconcile trusting God fully, while actively looking to the Church for support of the mission work. Wycliffe focuses on Paul’s relationship with the Philippian church in laying a foundation for the whole process. In Phil 4:15, Paul applauds their sacrificial giving in support of his gospel work, acknowledging their “partnership in the gospel” from day one (Phil 1:5).

The requirement for 100% financial support ($3,167 per month) is the only hurdle before August 15. To date, our support is at 66%, so we are seeking another 34 people to commit 1% of that total – around $30 per month – to fulfil our obligation to Wycliffe of covering our costs in full.

If you have been following our journey, and can help us make that final step, we would love to hear from you. Send us an email at and we can guide you through the Partnership process.

If you prefer an anonymous contribution, simply visit Wycliffe Bible Translators’ donation page at and follow the prompts.

We hope to have our Partnership finalised in time to schedule flights for mid-August 2014, to commence Pacific Orientation Camp near Madang – where we will learn (or begin to learn) the Tok Pisin language and some cultural insights needed to build relationships with our local community.

Prayer points

Join us in praying for the remaining funds to come in. That’s a big one!

Thank God for the support we have received from Wycliffe at every stage of this journey. There are many who have gone before, and are prepared to share their experience with us.

Pray for God’s people in PNG. They have showed much patience over the decades taken to provide them with the scriptures in their heart language – and there remains much more to do!

Pray that others will be stirred by God to fill vacancies in the field. Be specific – check out Wycliffe’s vacancies on their website, and pray for workers to join the harvest.

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