Ahh Queensland. Perfect one day….

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April 5, and one week out, there was more than just our daughter’s wedding day approaching. Cyclone Ita certainly made for an interesting time the following weekend, as guests joined us to celebrate the marriage of Shawn and Elisabeth Auld. It was a joyous time…

Sorry, I have to pause the wedding update.

As I research the Cyclone Ita facts, I am confronted by the Honiara_floodtragedy which preceded it in the Solomon Islands. Flooding resulted in the deaths of twenty-three people with more unaccounted for. As the media in Australia focus on the Qld situation, 10,000 have been left homeless in Honiara alone, and over 50,000 people are in need of aid. Pray that the Christian community, and Wycliffe teams particularly, will be able to respond to community needs in ways which display the compassion of Christ.

Photo_CollectionThe rest of April offers a short time to recover, while refocussing on preparing for PNG. During May we have four mission presentations, including a mini-road trip north for two weeks, before returning for a Christian Convention early in June. Partnership building is progressing in earnest, with only four months to go til our intended departure. [Pacific Orientation Course (POC) has been rescheduled to commence August 24, near Madang]

In the midst of this, Keith has picked up some contract work with a past business client, and has aspirations of completing a few much needed renovation projects around the house. Elspeth continues to be the effective hub of all the visa applications, medical forms, arrangement of mission talks, etc., that have been part of our lives since mid-2013.

There is a verse on our living room wall which keeps us grounded…  “Many are the plans in a man’s heart,but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.”  (Proverbs 19:21)

Prayer points

Praise God that He is in control… of cyclones, floods, daily provisions… and achieves His purposes through all things. Pray that we might trust Him always.

Pray for Shawn and Elisabeth, that they may set a godly example in their relationship as they continue to connect with friends and family.

Thank God for Keith’s work, and that it provides time for many other responsibilities.

Pray that we may make the most of opportunities to reconnect with churches visited in 2013.

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