The ‘crawl’ stage 4 … Roma

ImageAfter settling in with Bruce and Alison Clarke Saturday evening, we worshiped with Roma Presbyterian on Sunday morning. Keith spoke from Philippians 2, looking at spiritual service, and we were able to give a detailed presentation following morning tea. The conversations continued afterwards, with a number of requests for ongoing prayer contact.Much of the next four days involved putting the theory of service into practice! In response to our offer to be put to use, Alison arranged for us to visit two dear women in need of some help with a few odd jobs. The ability to serve, and to build relationships in the process, was a great blessing to us. The Clarkes also had to move house due to the sale of their rented property, and the Lord’s provision in us being there to help at the right time was clear to all concerned.


We had several opportunities to be involved in events within the church community, and the town in general. A prayer morning with a few pastors, a chaplaincy breakfast club, and singing with a group at the Westhaven aged home, all added to the connection with the Roma churches. During the Thursday night Christmas street party and a choral performance on Friday hosted by the Uniting Church, the way in which many folk greeted us as friends confirmed that the approach to getting involved in the life of the community was the best way for us to convey the message of partnership in ministry.


Many thanks go to the Church of Christ community for the gracious provision of a campsite behind their church building. We praise God for the way in which he enabled us to serve, and moved others to serve us in such a practical way.

Therefore, my dear friends, … continue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling, for it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfil his good purpose.   Philippians 2:12-13

Prayer points

Pray for unity amongst the Roma churches, and for the effectiveness of joint outreach events in presenting Christ to the community.

Pray for much needed rain in the surrounding region. [The choir performances included “I’m dreaming of a wet Christmas”] The storms we experienced in Biloela largely passed them by!

Uphold the Clarkes as they enjoy a much needed break with family, then return to set up home again in January.                                                                Next week… Chinchilla & Miles.

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